Gutter installation is often overlooked, but it can save you a lot of money on your home. They are a necessary component for any home, and they typically last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. If you want your gutters to last that long or longer, it’s vital that you have them installed correctly and maintained regularly. Gutters can prevent water damage in your basement or crawl space by channeling rainwater away from the house when done right.

Types of gutters

There are three types of gutters: seamless, weathered, and decorative.

  • Seamless gutters. They are made out of a single piece, and they don’t have any seams in them that might allow water to leak through, so it’s easy to clean these gutters with just a garden hose. The disadvantage of this kind of gutter is that it can clog up due to debris from trees or bushes around the house.
  • Weathered gutters offer protection against leaves and other small particles getting into them. These types tend to work better when there are plants nearby,
  • Decorative gutters are usually made up of many different materials- like wood or copper for example-. They provide an aesthetic appeal to your house, and they can also increase its curb appeal because it makes the property look more prestigious. The downside with these types of gutters is that they need frequent maintenance to continue looking good; Clean off any dirt on them immediately before it has time to dry out, which may cause permanent discoloration!

While there are many types of gutters, they come into two forms: flat or curved.

Flat-type gutters require fewer materials, but there is a potential for water pooling. This can turn into ice in colder climates if not correctly addressed with side gutter extensions like splash blocks or snow guards that direct runoff away from your house.

Curved gutters also need these additions but come standard with an inside curve at its base that directs rainwater over a channel along the outside edge of your foundation wall before it hits the ground, allowing you to save money on gutters.

Gutter materials

There are four primary materials of gutters: seamless aluminum, molded plastic (PVC), pre-built metal/stainless steel or copper, and cast iron.

  • Seamless aluminum is the most popular because it comes in a wide variety of colors; molding makes them look like tiles at an affordable price point.
  • Molded PVC has become more common for projects involving brickwork such as masonry restoration and historical preservation work due to its affordability and ease of installation on irregular surfaces without seams.
  • Pre-built comes in two styles – one made of metal and one made of stainless steel or copper.
  • Cast iron variety has the most extended lifespan at 100+ years, but it requires a special coating to protect against rust and additional maintenance every few years.

Benefits of gutter installation

Keeps the exterior and interior areas clean from debris, dirt, moss, etc., that can accumulate on your roof over time. Without gutters, this material could potentially block your shingle vents. This would cause moisture to build up inside the house causing mold/mildew growth or worse; water will drip down onto windowsills and other surfaces in the home, eventually leading to structural damage like rot, peeling paint, or deteriorating siding.

It can help with water runoff issues if you have a sloped or multi-level yard so that rainwater doesn’t pool on one side of the house (which can lead to foundation/basement leaks).

It prevents clogs in drainage systems from debris that homeowners often overlook. Leaves will eventually decompose, but this may happen slowly depending on where they land; during heavy storms, these blockages can cause sewer backflows, contributing to flooding problems around the home. It’s essential for homeowners without proper gutter installation to regularly remove clogged debris and clean out any accumulated dirt inside their pipes.

Improves the overall appearance of a home. Guttering serves to shield the house and roof from things like dirt, leaves, snow, etc. This is important as it makes your home more appealing for potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future.

It helps keep rainwater away from windowsills and siding, leading to water damage if gutters are not installed on a slanted or multi-level property. Gutters help redirect rainwater off of wet surfaces instead of creating an opportunity for this water to pool around your foundation walls/flooring areas (rising levels could cause severe issues).

Reduces the risk of moisture build-up, which results from water pooling around foundations without proper gutters; this reduces the potential for rot, peeling paint, etc., especially during prolonged periods of heavy rainfall.

Gutter installation services

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