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Commercial Roof Inspection in Indianapolis

Hercules Homes offers commercial roof inspections to help Indianapolis businesses reduce the risk of leaks and fire. They’re experts in providing insurance claims for leak damage, so you’ll be covered if your business sustains a loss from water or smoke damage due to hidden structural problems with your shingles!

The Benefits of a Commercial Roof Inspection

We work closely with companies in the region to cover commercial roofs and to avoid damage to buildings. One of the building blocks of land management is to always know what condition your building is in. If you ignore basic maintenance services, you will have to ultimately bear more costs. Unanticipated emergency repairs or renovation can cause damage and deterioration.

You have a lot of money riding on your property. A professional commercial roof inspection in Indianapolis is one of the safest ways to secure your investment. We’ll send an accomplished Roofing Specialist to your building to do a detailed inspection when you call Hercules Roofing. This is a perfect way of using your resources to allow you to invest in other business fields.

One of the most serious risks to the integrity of the roof is water damage that can be very difficult to spot with the naked eye. Although the outside of your roof may appear to be in outstanding condition, moisture may be building up below the surface. Hiring a competent roofing inspector in Indianapolis will provide you with specialist insight to locate and fix these hidden areas of concern.

Don’t just assume you know what is going on with your roof. Many people only consult us after something really bad has happened. We recommend a review of your roof at least once a year to stay on top of its value.

Call 317 203-8648, or schedule the next available appointment, for more detail on commercial rooftop inspections in Noblesville, IN. Our roofing contractors in Indianapolis ensure the maximum lifespan of your commercial roof while also keeping your budget in mind.

Best in Commercial Roofing Inspection

Hercules Roofing holds a top place among commercial roofers in the greater Noblesville area, IN. We have years of practice in the field to help property owners make the most out of their rooftops and save money. We recognize the value of managing future expenditures in your commercial roofing. The control of capital is one of the keys to running a profitable business. In order to ensure you know the state of the roof, we offer commercial inspections in Indianapolis. 

Commercial roof inspections are different from residential property inspections. They make your business ready for the summer and winter seasons so that you can continue your projects without any interruptions. You can schedule upcoming renovations, plan potential roof replacements and deal with any urgent problems with a commercial roof inspection in Indianapolis area property.

Each roof survey is conducted in-depth with photographs, written notes, and in consulting with the owners of the property to hear about the problems and discuss how they can be minimized.

The inspection results listed would include:

  • Overall Structure
  • Top Membrane
  • Flashings
  • Metal Edging
  • Wall Copings
  • Gutters

When we know what’s going on, we will be able to work with you to add years to the life of your commercial. Call 317-203-8648 today to arrange a roof inspection with one of our roof experts in the Indianapolis area!