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HARDSCAPE PATIO Installation in Indianapolis

Hercules Homes is the Indianapolis area’s premier provider of hardscape patios. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for an upgrade to your backyard, or in need of some new ground coverings for walkways and driveways on larger commercial projects, Hercules has the experience necessary to make it happen!

Local Concrete & Patio Design Expert

Once your custom patio or porch is installed, hardscape patio services can beautify your yard and make your property unique. At Hercules Roofing, we help homeowners and commercial properties in Noblesville, IN with amazing patio design at affordable prices. Our team of professional concrete designers will work with you to create an excellent environment in your yard to create your dream outdoor living area. We’ll talk to you about what kind of vision you have and get started working to make it happen. We use a variety of concrete materials to build a lasting hardscape patio for your Noblesville, IN property.

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Different Hardscape Patio Options​

Get the exclusive look you’re looking for with a stylish hardscape patio. The team at Hercules Roofing has the experience and resources to bring you the latest in design. We install a range of features that make your property one of a kind. Here are some of the services we deliver.
We can install things like water features, outdoor kitchens, surrounding areas for pools, fireplaces, and paths. These will help make your patio the focal point of your property. It’s a great space to entertain guests and provide a relaxing environment you’ve always dreamed of.

With the right texturing and hardscape design, your outdoor space will be ready for flowers, fountains, and other colorful additions. The varying levels offer a creative mix that’s different from the standard flat surface design that’s so common.

Concrete Hardscape Patios​

We use concrete in hardscape design because it’s durable, affordable, and customizable. Concrete is no longer associated with drab grey slabs. Now, concrete can be changed to different colors, textures, and other designs that mimic more expensive materials. If you’re into modern design and something that’s low maintenance, concrete is the perfect choice for you!

Trust the professional at Hercules Roofing for the best quality hardscape patio solutions in Noblesville, IN. We’ll get to you promptly and work with you on the best custom choices for your home or business.

Call 317-203-8648 now to schedule an appointment or to ask questions about our concrete services. We can send someone out to you to look at your property and talk to you about the best way forward. We spend our time building amazing custom patios for our clients. Our team is excited to work with you!