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Countertops Installation in Indianapolis

Besides aesthetic appeal, strong countertops often help protect the properties in your kitchen or bathroom. When you need the best countertops for the kitchen, bathrooms, or white cabinets, Hercules is always within your reach to deliver. From our wide range of countertops, you are sure of finding great options that will suit your budget. In this case, finding the best is not the only thing that matters. Affordability is also important. It’s the reason we help our clients to choose from different types of countertops that suit varying budget sizes. 

Types of Kitchen Countertops

Across the majority of the homes we have seen within Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, below are the major types of kitchen countertops used by homeowners. When you are specifically interested in the best countertops for small kitchen remodeling projects, these are the best options to consider.

Marble Countertops

For homeowners who prefer natural stone, marble has been the most popular countertop used across Indianapolis and other areas within the US. Most times, people go for marble because of the strong texture, aesthetic value, and luxurious outlook. Marble is also known to be a very good wall surface, residential flooring, vanity tops and fireplace surrounds. Specifically for kitchen countertops in Indianapolis, you can consider using marble. Get in touch and our marble countertop installation experts will help to get the work done in no time.

Granite Countertops Indianapolis

For conventional kitchen remodeling projects and new home construction, some other Indianapolis homeowners prefer to go with granite. Based on the years of experience we have gained in the field a good number of homeowners attest to the long-lasting nature of granite kitchen countertops. When you need affordable granite kitchen countertops installation cost estimation, you can count on Hercules’s fast responsive team to be there for you.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Are you interested in finding affordable quartz countertops for a kitchen? Ook no further. Just get in touch and you’ll in our portfolio, a track record of completing quarts countertop installation across different types of kitchen designs and sizes. In case you are embarking on a full-scale kitchen remodeling project, our trained and certified experts will help scan through the best kitchen design ideas for small homes and big homes.

Solid Surface Countertops

Here is another type of kitchen countertop worth considering for your renovation projects. What are solid surface countertops? If you are like most beginners, you are very likely to have this question in your mind. For people that want to have an outstanding natural design that looks like solid stone, this is the best option to consider. When you go for this option, you are sure of seeing an amazing combination of craftmanship and solid material.

Though solid surface countertop is among the most affordable options, you have to beware or consider heat deformation. That’s the only downside we hear many homeowners mention.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Are you among the people that often consider affordability before anything else? If yes is your answer, then this type of kitchen countertop could be an answer to the question – how much does laminate countertop cost? It is one of the most affordable kitchen countertops in Indianapolis. However, you have to consider the balance between affordability and lifespan. Hence, most of the other options will give you a longer lifespan. That means you don’t have to change the countertop very often.