Hail can be exciting but if it’s severe enough it can be devastating to your home. It is important to act quickly after a hailstorm to prevent serious damage and get the roof repaired as soon as possible. The storm will have thrown rocks and pebbles at your home’s exterior, which can cause damage to the shingles, siding, windowsills, and more. With just a few simple steps, you can protect your home against hail by repairing the damages caused by the storm.

One of the most common problems with hail damage is that the shingles can be torn off or punctured. After a storm, it is important to inspect your roof for any damage and replace any missing shingles immediately.

What are the common effects of a hailstorm on a home?

There are devastating effects that hailstorms and other severe weather damages pose on a home. The roof is the most vulnerable to hail damage. While it may not be visible from street level, a home’s roof can take an enormous impact from hailstones or other debris during a storm.

Damage to roofs, gutters, and siding

Tarps can be an effective temporary fix after hailstorm damage on your roof or home’s exterior. However, it is best to get professional help as soon as possible so you do not end up with more problems in the long run, like water damage and mold growth.

Protect your home against hail damage
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If you are not sure if your roof has been damaged by hail, it is best to call a professional in the field of home repair or maintenance. If evidence indicates damage from hailstorms on your roof, such as gaping holes and dents, do not attempt to fix them yourself unless you have extensive knowledge about roofs and their structure.

Broken glass

The impact of a hailstorm on your home’s windows can be very damaging, especially if the shards are not cleaned up promptly and carefully. 

Electrical problems

The impact of a hailstorm on your electrical system can pose serious health and financial risks to you, your family members, or your neighbors. Widespread power outages trigger electricity surges through damaged wiring that can cause fire hazards around your house, such as electrical short circuits and overloaded circuit breakers.

Taking the right steps immediately after an intense storm will help minimize further damage to both your home’s exterior as well as its interior from water seepage and other weather-related issues that may surface in days and months ahead.

What can you do right after the storm?

When a hailstorm strikes, it is important for you, as a homeowner, to take some precautions right away so that you can avoid damage later on. Here are some things which should not only help protect your home but also decrease potential damages:

Inspect the exterior for damage.

The first step to protecting your home after a hailstorm is inspecting the exterior for any signs of damage. This includes damage from stones thrown up during impact with the ground or house. Any damaged areas should be addressed immediately so that the damage doesn’t continue to spread. The most common signs of hail storm damage are cracks in your siding, loose shingles or tiles, and broken window sills.

Clean up the debris.

After inspecting any exterior damages, you can clean up messes caused by fallen stones on decks or patios with a broom, dustpan, and vacuum cleaner. Be sure to remove all leaves, sticks, and other debris from around the home to avoid getting mixed into the repairs later.

Clear out the gutters and other waterlines.

The next step is making sure that water mitigation systems like gutters are clear because clogged drains will contribute to more interior problems if left unattended after a hailstorm hits your roof. To make this process easier, take care of them before it starts raining again when the gutters are less likely to clog with leaves and debris from the storm.

Prevent further water damage.

To finish up protecting your home after a hailstorm, you should ensure that all exterior doors are closed so that no water gets inside through open cracks in places like windows or sliding glass doors. If there is damage to these areas, then have them repaired immediately because larger leaks will form if left unattended for too long.

Make necessary home repairs.

Once all of this is complete, it’s important to repair damaged roofs right away before more problems start throughout your entire house. Your roof can begin leaking without warning if any damages aren’t taken care of quickly enough, which could lead to extensive interior destruction, especially when you’re dealing with hail storms.

Call Hercules Roofing for storm damage repair.

Hail is one of the major problems roofs face in their lifetime since it can because extreme damages such as leaks or broken shingles, clogged gutters, cracks on siding, etc. Call Hercules Roofing right after a hailstorm to protect your home. We are available 7-days a week, and our technicians will help you with everything from storm damage repair, removing fallen debris, and protecting your roof against future hail storms so that this doesn’t happen again.

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