Hercules Roofing

Roof Inspection

Hercules Homes provides a comprehensive roof inspection that will give you peace of mind. We understand how important your home is to you and we want it safe, healthy, and in good shape for years to come!

Our Approach to Roof Inspection

Hercules Roofing companies in Indianapolis provide the most thorough and reliable roof inspections in the region. We’re local roofing contractors in Indianapolis IN who’ve been in the neighbourhood for years. Our staff has the tools to meet you promptly and to take care of your inspection. Some of the things we’re looking for are:

Minor and Major Roof Maintenance

We'll check at the roof flashing, shingles, screens and other pieces to ensure you have a clean and secure home. You never know how serious the next storm will be. A big storm could cause you much frustration if your roof is already showing wear. Our roofing contractors in Indianapolis IN will create a custom plan for your roof renovation.


We will test the roof system and ensure that it is ready for any rainfall. Not all roofing companies in Indianapolis will check your whole property for areas potentially impacted by faulty gutters.

Roof Life

Our roofing contractors in Indianapolis IN will test your roof's structural stability in order to let you know how many years of wear you actually have left. If you purchase a new house or are making financial plans for your business, you should know when you need a replacement.

Preventive maintenance

With personalized prevention maintenance programmes, our specialized roofing contractors in Indianapolis IN work with customers in the field. Maintenance is the safest way to avoid expensive repairs, emergencies, and possible property damage. It’s patch in time is cheaper than a whole new roof!

We guarantee quality results and unparalleled customer experience when you work with Hercules Roofing. Based in Noblesville, we are one of the most-sought after roofing companies in Indianapolis. To learn more about roof inspections and plans, contact us today at 317-203-8648.

We Inspect Your Roof To Perfection

Discover what is going on with your roof and the right ways to keep it in perfect condition. Having quality roof inspections is an essential aspect of every real estate deal. You want to know what you’re buying and how much money you may have to put into your roof before a sale is closed. We beat out other roofing companies in Indianapolis in experience and will let you know how much you’re going to have to pay so you can decide whether you want to make an offer. 

In order to make sure the roof is in decent shape for the best possible period, a routine roof check is the right way to go. Many people wait until they have a problem with their roofs before getting a check. Keep ahead of the game with Hercules Roofing’s professional inspection that warns you about any problems and how to deal with them.

Call 317-203-8648 today to arrange one of our inspections! Our roofing contractors in Indianapolis IN will check your roof condition and talk to you about your options.