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Storm Damaged Roof Repair in Indianapolis

Hercules Homes is a full service home improvement company that has been proudly serving homeowners for over 20 years and we are proud to now offer Residential Roof Repair services throughout Indiana

After-Storm Inspection

The first thing we do after a big storm is to check your property to assess the extent of the damage. We review the structural integrity of your roof to see if repair is required. There’s no better company to call in Indianapolis for roof repair. Schedule a consult to get the most pressing damage fixed quickly anywhere in the metropolitan area. There’s no better name in roof repair in Indianapolis IN than Hercules.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Indianapolis IN

You wouldn’t trust the largest part of your home to just anyone. We know Indianapolis roof repair better than anyone because we live here too. It’s our mission to be of value to our community, so let Hercules Roofing shield your home from the next storm! Our offerings are as follows:

Emergency roof repair

Hercules Roofing has the tools at its disposal to get to you quickly and help with leaks and other damage in the case of a sudden emergency. We're working day and night to get you back on your feet. We’re the trusted name in Indianapolis roof repairs.

Hail Disruption Roof Repair

Hail Storms are a common thing in our area. Our staff has years of experience in roof repair in Indianapolis IN, particularly with hail damaged roofs. We watch the weather as well: the size of the hailstones and the length of the storm also indicates the possible severity of damage.

Wind Damage Roof Repair in Indianapolis

Strong winds can shake shingles, rip flashing, damage gutter systems and worsen existing weaknesses. A big storm will also bring wind damage. Over time, consistent winds will contribute to roof wear and tear. In either situation, we are ready for your Indianapolis roof repairs.

Roof Insurance claims assistance

It may get quite stressful dealing with roof damage after a storm. Filing a claim with your insurance after you experience roof damage can be additionally confusing. Many people expect to go through several rounds of revisions before their claim is accepted, which can draw out the repair timeline by weeks or months. We will assist you in navigating the claims process to get your Indianapolis roof repair process up and going without delay.

To hear more about roof repair in Indianapolis IN or to request a consultation with one of our roofing teams, call us now at 317-203-8648. We have the right expertise and materials to upgrade your roof.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Are you suffering from the after-effects of a storm? Indiana has severe weather events every year that harm assets throughout the city. Many buildings are damaged by roof loss ranging from mild aesthetic defects to serious structural damage. Storm damage can prevent you from using your home or building, resulting in further costs of having to relocate your place of business. 

If the weather damages your house, get the best specialist damage consult in Noblesville. Let’s get you on your feet in no time; we have specialists in roof repair in Indianapolis IN,  for storm damage repair at affordable rates. Turn your Indianapolis roof repair over to us to eliminate the burden of coping with the impact of storm damage. We will look for the right option for you and take care of it all.

Call 317-203-8648 now for an appointment to fix your roof. Ask us about other services offered in addition to our Indianapolis roof repair services.