Roofs are an essential
aspect of any home, and it takes a lot of care to protect them from wear and tear.
However, many homeowners forget about their roofs until something goes wrong.
Insurance companies may not automatically include coverage, and you may have to
take add-ons or roof damage rider.

Hiring a roof damage
restoration company to evaluate your property following a storm is the right
step. If you have experienced wind, hail, or storm damage, read on to learn how
to submit an insurance claim for roofing repairs.

Should You Contact First in Case of Roof Damage?

You should contact the
insurance company either in person or by phone. The insurance carrier will take
a report and advise if they need to do an inspection. The insurance carrier
will then advise if they need to contact a roofing contractor for roofing
estimates for repair work or replacement costs.

The homeowner should
expect the insurance company’s representative to request all documentation or
receipts for their review and consideration. Moreover, you can either choose
your own roofing company or get a recommendation from the insurance company.

Does My Roof Insurance Cover?

Roof insurance covers
the risks of strong winds, storms, and hailstorms. If these risks occur
frequently, it will help to have this kind of coverage. In addition, your home
insurance may include roof repair or replacement.

Most roof insurance
policies are replacement cost policies, which means that they will pay to
replace your damaged or destroyed roof. Most policies cover the complete
replacement of the structure and its contents. They may also pay for additional
living expenses in some cases. However, insurance will not cover damage caused
by neglect on your part. Your roofing insurance will not cover damage due to
rot and decay, weather, insects, or animals.

Insurance Rates Increase if I File a Claim?

No, the roof damage is
a covered loss under your insurance policy, and it will not affect your current
or future insurance premiums. However, if you have any suspicious claims
reporting, it may affect your future rates.  

Do I File a Roof Insurance Claim?

When filing an
insurance claim, ensure to provide photographs of the damage to your roof and a
copy of the contractor’s bid for repairs, if applicable.

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Cautious of Storm Chasers!

After wind hail or
storm damage, it is common for insurance companies to hire contractors to
inspect the damage. These are called storm chasers, and you should not engage
them unless you know they are legitimate. 
Always conduct business only with the contractor your insurer recommends
and try to use a local contractor who is not opportunistic.