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What Temperature Is Safe For Asphalt Roof Installation


The temperature at which you install an asphalt roof is one of the most important elements for a secure and long-lasting result.

Cold weather can present unique challenges when installing a roof caused by snow and below freezing temperatures. If you combine those factors with improper installation techniques such as not hand sealing each individual shingle, which practically no one ever does, or not spacing them properly during installation, severe problems can and most likely will form down the line and require costly repairs or even a full replacement again.

Shingles cannot be installed and cared for the same way in the winter as they are in the summer. They are much more brittle and vulnerable to immediate damages due to lack of heat for pliability and activation of the adhesive strips that the seal down the shingles. Shingles can crack or not lay flat due to how your contractors crews treat them during the installation process.

Sub-freezing temperatures will keep sealants from adhering properly to surfaces; sealing after snow or freezing rain will not be practical nor effective. If you put a piece of tape outside and it was exposed to the elements for a few weeks would it still be sticky? Between the temperature and exposure to airborne debris, there is no chance!

In conclusion, it is usually best to wait until temperatures are going to remain above freezing for a few days at the minimum before allowing any roof installation; heat will help ensure that asphalt shingles adhere appropriately to the surface, lay flat and reduce potential wind damage keeping your roof in the best condition for years to come.

If you see contractors installing roofs in the middle of winter below freezing I would take a note of who they are and advise you to stay far away! Most likely they are stacking shingles on the ridge of the roof damaging them and not hand sealing each shingle down because it is way too time consuming to be profitable at a fair price!

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